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 When The Dust Settles[open]

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PostSubject: When The Dust Settles[open]   When The Dust Settles[open] I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2018 9:46 pm

When The Dust Settles[open] 64453c0fc0c54a0759a74d849b6fa26b
Lettie remembered how everything was before the first explosion had gone off, she had been working as a police officer. But after the second explosion everything went to shit and Lettie had to take up being a Riot Officer, she had seen people killing each other in the chaos over getting food and shelter. Hell she had even had to shoot people inside of a hospital because they had come in wielding guns and machetes demanding medicine. But that had been a few years ago, now she was just like everyone else scavenging for food and medicine; there was no law when it came to protecting yourself from the radiation. Walking through the streets of an area that had been cordoned off for radiation her rad suit was twice as big as her but Lettie saw that as a good thing as it allowed her to wear her Riot Gear under the suit and stay safe if someone shot at her and she was also protected from the radiation.

Walking through the crumbled buildings and passed the turned over and broken cars Lettie sighed to herself, she had heard from others traveling that there had been a guy who had set up a massive underground bunker and was taking in people to protect them from everything on the surface. Making her way out of the city she ducked under the metal fencing which was covered in signs stating that the area was in quarantine, seeing people moving in the distance without rad suits on Lettie shook her head to herself; they were crazy people. Those who had gotten the most of the radiation from the explosions and who had never touched a rad suit; because of that they had gone insane and posed more of a risk to travelers like her than anything else around. Spotting several large shipping containers off to her left Lettie frowned and started walking towards them her rifle held across her body as she walked ready to bring it up and shoot anytime she needed to, reaching the containers Lettie tipped her head to the side reading the note on them that it was a military decontamination area; she had come across a couple of these now and again but they had never been this big.

Grabbing the door of the first shipping container Lettie tugged it open just enough for her to get inside, getting in she closed the door behind her and raised her rifle up bracing it against her shoulder as she flicked on the light on her rifle to look around. Walking slowly and carefully though the container Lettie could hear a faint alarm going off somewhere but she could pinpoint where, stepping lightly on the metal floor she headed for a table that was in the far corner. Reaching it she looked at the papers strewn about. Old military files, news clippings and some old chocolate bars. Reaching out for one of the papers Lettie froze hearing someone shift behind her, spinning around fast her rifle was aimed at the person's head ready to fire "Who are you?" Lettie demanded; she had no doubt that if this person had been thinking that a man was wearing the suit that they would be very surprised at the females voice coming from behind the helmet.
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When The Dust Settles[open]
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