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 remember those walls i built? [m/m open]

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remember those walls i built? [m/m open] Empty
PostSubject: remember those walls i built? [m/m open]   remember those walls i built? [m/m open] I_icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2018 3:41 am

remember those walls i built? [m/m open] 7eac59ec50151bf9d6e3412678be2454

Lilac didn't know where she was, hell, she didn't know what had happened to her in the last forty-two hours. All she knew was that she had been thrown from a moving car into an alleyway, her neck ached and she was ravenous. Groaning she managed to stagger her way to her feet, the little black dress she had been wearing was just a shadow of its former self. The hem was ripped off making the dress shorter than it had been before, a strap was completely missing and it was sticky and crusty with something Lilac could only assume was blood. Staggering from the alleyway she looked around groggily not sure really what she was doing, she only knew she needed to eat something before she fell over; without paying attention to where she was going Lilac stumbled into the street in front of an on coming car. Looking at it in shock she couldn't bring herself to move as it screeched to a halt her disheveled appearance on show to who were was in the car, her white blonde hair was a mess of blood, dirt and a couple of leaves and twigs. Watching as someone got out of the car with blue wide eyes Lilac tried to make sense of their words, but nothing was comprehending for her; before she knew it she was being lead to the passenger side of the car and she bundled in. Looking at the driver when he climbed back in Lilac tried to make out his words as he drove and held a phone to his ear. The only thing she could understand was that he was telling someone he had an injured girl with him with a neck wound. Feeling a wave of nausea rush over her Lilac leaned forwards in the car seat and vomited on the floor before she passed out her head smacking into the dash of the car making the man swear and shove her back into the seat.

The sudden jolting stop of the car brought Lilac back to reality, looking around she noticed the man was gone just as her door opened and she was pulled from the car and swept up into someones arms; holding onto their neck Lilac let them carry her into a house which was bright and filled it noise. Soon she was carried into a dark bedroom and laid on a soft bed, letting go of the man Lilac looked around confused " I?" she managed to croak out to the man who simply frowned at her before he looked away. "Someone get the boss" the man shouted out the door before he looked back at Lilac "I'm Sean, you've got a...nasty wound on your neck" Sean said lightly not wanting to freak the girl out saying it was a vampire bite as it looked as if it was already starting to heal but he could tell she had fed yet which was a good thing for the time being. Hearing someone approaching Sean got off of the bed and stepped out of the room and looked at the man he had called for. "Someone tried to turn her. She obviously hasn't fed yet, which is a miracle, but she is very out of it" Sean said lowly so the girl couldn't hear him as he glanced back in the room.
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remember those walls i built? [m/m open]
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