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 Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open)

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Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open) Empty
PostSubject: Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open)   Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open) I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 12, 2018 9:35 pm

Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open) Fallou10

There's a phrase that I always heard of as a kid. War, war never changes. To this day I still don't get it. War changed hundred of times. From using rocks and clubs, to sword and spears then going to guns. So when someone explains to me that war has changed I just kind of laugh. I stay as polite as I can, but I'll laugh. Well, that was until I went out smuggling one day. It was a day I'll never forget.

*present time*

A male walked through the rusty halls of a vault he had just opened up. Pearls of the Wastes. The most dangerous places imaginable, but often home to the greatest treasures that the country could hold. Other times, they're complete duds like the one this gas mask and leather armor wearing waster had recently found out.

"God fucking damn it." The young man's voice echoed out from his gas mask's voice emitter, "This place was sealed up for God knows how long and it's still got nothing." He opened up a kitchen cabinet to see that it was empty much like everything else, "No food? What the fuck!" He shouted as he rushed through the halls. The duster he wore flapping behind him as he ran.

His rush landed him to what was labeled as 'security', "Come on. At least have some fucking ammo." He slammed his foot on the door several times in frustration when it wouldn't open right away, "And of course you wouldn't be unlocked. Because this god damned place hates me." The swift action of a pin and a screwdriver flicked the lock open and the steel doors opened to reveal...nothing. Just empty shelves and already opened ammo cans with nothing to show for what he went through, "And fuck you too." He kicked one set of shelves down.

The chain reaction of falling shelves knocked into a terminal at the end of the room. As a result a hidden room suddenly opened up in the room. His endless frustration seemed to end right then and there when he saw the new hall. A putrid smell permeated his mask which instinctively made him want to cover his already covered face.

"Hidden rooms mean goods right? Please tell me this is where all the good stuff is." His gloved hand unslung the carbine on his back as he took his first steps inside the new room. Everything grew dark soon after he entered and a white light shined into a beam as the light on his mask lit the way down the new hall. Unfortunately he saw what this new room was hiding.

Dirty tubes lined the walls. Out of curiosity, the male wiped off some of dirt from the first tube he came across. Inside was a rotting corpse. The flesh on the first body was literally falling off the bone of the skeleton.

In shock he jumped back and hit the keyboard to a terminal. Behind him, the tube hissed with steam as its occupant was released from the chamber. His carbine was aimed at the tube more in shock and surprise than anticipating a threat. Instead of seeing a corpse like in the previous tube, he saw the tube open to release the young woman traped inside.

"Hey. You alright?" He asked as the buzz of his mask made him sound less human. His carbine slowly lowered when he saw the occupant as almost no threat.

(Let's see about resurrecting this.

Ok. So the world in question is focused in the Fallout games. I recommend looking it up or playing the games to get a glimpse of the setting. I do recommend playing the games regardless. They're post nuclear fun with lots of humor [3 not so much, but some is there].

Anyway, need someone to play the girl coming out of cryosleep. Personality can vary, but looking for a more innocent and naive lady that doesn't know the outside world.)
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Nuclear Winter Wonderland (mature. open)
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