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 Luna's Characters

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PostSubject: Luna's Characters   Luna's Characters I_icon_minitimeFri May 26, 2017 2:15 pm

This actually my favorite character on a Inuyasha RP that  I ever made. When girl unaware what she is do the curse and she needs to figure herself out during  journey.

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Although during daylight her hair is black and she has brown eyes during bright daylight because curse known her appearance as mostly human figure without pointy ears and such features of a demon like female creature.

Age: 19 physically { 196+}

Species: Inu Daiyoki

Personality: She very shy and free spirited, she always very calm and not afraid to speak her mind. Tsukiko can be stubborn enough take to risk and as she's loyal to those she cares about. Tsukiko also doesn't  judge people without getting to know who they are and easily amazed, she describe to be less loud and very calming as is very curious desires to learn so much of the unknown.


Tsukiko was born in clan who lived in further north, her father was powerful demon man of greed and despise humans. One day witch demon put curse on him upon her death as  spoken,"  hear me demon, your sons will be well but if your beloved shall born daughter she'll be with curse because of your greed. Demon by night and human by day as your beloved you don't treat so well shall perish by birth if you never learn greed is not virtue, only love from another could break the spell by man who greed learn value of love." He had 3 sons but then she was born and her mother died by childbirth, when was born herself was seen with dark black hair and brown eyes the sight of human looking child until night. The witch warned him and gave him warning, he didn't listen, in the end the curse was true.

He couldn't bare the sight of her, that he order one of his own sons to kill her blaming her for everything even her mother's death when truly was to blame. Her brother Kobumaru took her own in  forest as father told him to where execute her, the young demon couldn't imagine himself harming his own little sister so end up wrapping her up and placing her into basket made setting her off in river. Where she end up discover by demon fox named Hana who took one look at Tsukiko falling in love with her as if she was own child.  Ever since Hana raised her long side her  son Yukio as she was widow and made sure Tsukiko was raised happily as curse didn't bother Hana.

As gotten older she begin curious of the world and Tsukiko ends up leaving behind her adoptive family to adventure to see the world beyond home or find out what she really is.
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Luna's Characters
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