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 Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M)

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Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M)   Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 6:25 pm

"ah great ,more trouble. Could this day get any worse for me!? First my father shoots down my plans to become a surgeon in the medical field, then he tells me that he's dying and I'm to be the next aha, and now this! God, why do parents always ruin the lives of their children?" he vented. He set a plate of meat near her. "don't worry, it ain't poisonous. My dad says its a peace offering." he sat down. "Neither one of us want to be here. And that seems to be the only thing we have in common..." he sighed, annoyed. "no point killing me, so you might as well get up."
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PostSubject: Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M)   Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 9:46 pm

Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M) Dc24c321d6a07526641bed6555df1eaa

Kahnia was the youngest daughter in her family and her father was an alpha, he wanted to strengthen his ties with a neighbouring pack and had made a deal with the other alpha. Kahnia didn't know that she was apart of the deal until she was shoved into one of her fathers cars, a bag filled with some of her clothes was tosses in the boot and she car began to move. Kicking out at the drivers seat Kahnia growled dangerously, "Let me out" she snarled as she tugged on the door handle. "I'm sorry Kahnia, I cannot. I have to take you to live with your new Alpha" the man driving said not glancing back at her making her freeze in her movements. Her knew Alpha? Clenching her jaw she gave a scream of frustration and kicked out angrily again at the chair. After an hour the car pulled up in front of a large mansion and the driver got out, opening the back door Kahnia gave another growl at him as he grabbed her arm and pulled out of the car and dragged her up to the mansion with her trying to dig her heels into the ground to stop herself from being moved. "Kahnia! Stop making this hard!" the driver snapped at her as the front doors were opened and Kahnia grabbed onto the door frame for a moment refusing to move, she could see other werewolves staring at her curiously as the driver tried to get her to let go. The driver grew frustrated and smacked her on the back of the head making her let go of the door frame long enough for him to pick her up and toss him over her shoulder making her scream and beat her fists against his back as he walked upstairs ignoring her swearing and threatening him. Hearing a door open Kahnia made a surprised noise when she was thrown onto the floor and the drive walked out quickly and locked the door behind himself so Kahnia couldn't leave. Growling she got up and ran over to the door and banged her fists against the wood, "Let me out!" she screamed. Growing angry she let her beast come out somewhat she and trashed the room she was in shattering glass and making the room look like a war had just happened in it, pacing the room angrily Kahnia grew tired after a while and laid down on the wrecked mattress and curled up on her side. Hearing talking outside the room Kahnia opened her eyes tiredly and looked over her shoulder at the door just in time to see it open and a man step inside, "Take me home" she grumbled thinking it was her driver for a moment before she took a deep breath and an unfamiliar sent hit her. Sitting up quickly Kahnia moved off of the mattress and crouched a little glaring at the man and she growled at him as he looked around the room and shut the door making Kahnia wince when she heard the door lock again, "Let me leave" Kahnia snarled at him as she stayed crouched down her eyes narrowed dangerously at the man as she licked her lips a little her tongue running over her lip ring slightly.
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Given to an Alpha(Open/M/M)
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