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 Paradise Lost ((M/F))

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PostSubject: Paradise Lost ((M/F))   Paradise Lost ((M/F)) I_icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 12:26 am

Paradise Lost ((M/F)) Wake_Island

Paradise Lost ((M/F)) Large

One passenger departing from a ferry boat which came from the mainlands into this small secluded island, a young-man felt an uncomfortable feeling of dread along with the scene of fear drawing a line down from the back of his neck to the lower spin. “(Mike): Why did I come here,” the young-man named Mike asked himself quietly before remembering his reasons. A tragedy in the family within a fateful night at ones later mothers funeral, at first the young man finds himself at lost and alone since his only family was his own mother who has left this earth, till... after the service and burial Mike was approached by one grace aged elderly middle aged looking woman. She'd climb to be his long lost relative, being the eldest sister on his mothers side which would make him her nephew and her is aunt. It was then with the passing of his mother the aunt offered Mike to coming live with her. Though the suspicion calls to ask why his mother near have told him of their extended family, above all to their relationship status between themselves be it good or bad, still... how can he not refuse considering his position? As of now Mike faces homelessness if he didn't accept the offer.

Paradise Lost ((M/F)) Nura_House

It was to his surprise to learn about his family background of holding great wealth, as the island it's belong to this estrange family of his. So it was no surprise to find the only manner house on highest hill this island belongs to the family as he came forth after being driven over from the moment Mike came departed form the ferry. A long the way entering the court yard the servants lined themselves up side by side single file to welcome their guest, “(Aunt Kotomi): welcome nephew, it pleases me find you accepting my invitation. Pleases... do come in.” Without a word but a humble nod Mike followed the Aunt inside her mansions dwelling as she lead him into the grand hall. The long lost aunt known as Kotomi took a seat in the master chair sitting to the far end of the room, while Mike sat from afar in the midsection of the room. And the two were settled in, hard claps from the hands sound off to echo to give the order for the servants to enter the room, setting a small table before Mike for the food to sit and as well the same for Kotomi. “(Aunt Kotomi): I journey here must have been tiresome so please eat,” Mike didn't answer back as of yet but ate mannerly accepting the kind offer and not seem rude. And before long Mike had his fill and set the remains aside, “(Mike): A-Aunt Kotomi...” “(Aunt Kotomi):  What do you wish to say child? Do speak freely,” “(Mike): first I like to thank you for your kind hospitality Aunty, but... my I ask you what this is all about?” A long moment had passed before she answered his question, looking to him with a smile while cutting her eyes, my dearest boy, this is all to welcome you, your family after all. Now then... I like you to meet someone. You my enter now.” As she called out to the third party in question, the side door came siding out and Mike's eyes fell upon a young-woman entering the room but who is she? “(Aunt Kotomi): Come and join us so please do sit next to my nephew, after all... I what you two to get along well since you'll be looking after him from now on.”            

OOC: Based on the manga; “Kyuusen No Shima,” adult warning for anyone who's curious enough to wanting to read this manga.  
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Paradise Lost ((M/F))
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