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 Site Rules - Always Updated

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Site Rules - Always Updated Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules - Always Updated   Site Rules - Always Updated I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2013 7:24 am

Additional Information: Alright the site is under new management. This thread is always changing and new rules can and will be added at any moment. I will try and warn anyone of updates. But this is not a job. So please check back in here from time to time. Thanks for your cooperation.

Rule 1: Must read all rules before joining the site.

Rule 2: Member user-name must not have cuss words or anything inappropriate.

Rule 3: Please do not use pictures that show private areas or parts. No nudity!

Rule 4: Keep insults to yourself and if you have problems come and find an Admin/moderator.

Rule 5: No 'one liners' that means when you reply to a thread with at least 10 short sentences, or 5 long sentences. 2-3 paragraph for first post. (A paragraph is five sentences. A sentence must have at max eight words.) Please be as descriptive as possible. Thank you.

Rule 6: All members must remain active or post a reason for leave of absence or let a moderator know if they will be away for long period of time. (Since this is an active site, those inactive for too long may be removed without warning.)

Rule 7: All characters must be or appear over 18 to do sexual role plays - this is to keep everything legal.

Rule 8: The main role-play section is not meant to be mature keep that in the mature section however you can have sexual relations with characters if you like to go that route. (this rule is bendable and is not really enforced unlike the ones above.

Rule 9: have fun!

Side Note: Some of these rules can be bended under some conditions (like writers block) But please do not break them.

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Site Rules - Always Updated
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